Under The Queen’s Umbrella (2022) | The Queen Umbrella Kdrama

Under The Queen’s Umbrella (2022) | The Queen Umbrella is a South Korean television series starring Kim Hye SooKim Hae Sook, and Choi Won Young. It is scheduled to premiere on Netflix, tvN from Oct 15, 2022 – Dec 4, 2022, and will air every Saturday, and Sunday at 22:40 (stands for Korean Standard Time).

Profile of Under The Queen’s Umbrella (2022)

  • Drama: Under The Queen’s Umbrella
  • Other Name: Shuroop, Syurub, Umbrella, The Queen’s Umbrella
  • Director: Kim Hyung Shik
  • Country: South Korea
  • Episodes: 16
  • Airs: Oct 15, 2022 – Dec 4, 2022
  • Airs On: Saturday, Sunday
  • Original Network: Netflix, tvN
  • Duration: 60 min.
  • Genres: Historical, Comedy, Drama, Political


Under The Queen’s Umbrella (2022) | The Queen Umbrella is a historical Korean drama. Within the palace exists troublemaking princes who cause nothing but headaches for the royal family and are about to be turned into proper crown princes. Their mother, Im Hwa Ryeong, is the wife of a great king. But instead of having an aura of elegance and grace, she is a prickly, sensitive, and hot-tempered queen.

Once more serene, she changed since people kept pushing her buttons. She is a queen who sometimes abandons her pride and is even known to swear! Every day of her life is full of trials, but she withstands them all, for the sake of her children.

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Main Cast

Kim Hye Soo as Queen Im Hwa Ryeong
Kim Hae Sook as Queen Dowager
Choi Won Young as King Lee Ho
Kim Eui Sung as Hwang Won Hyeong
Moon Sang Min as Prince Seong Nam Lee Kang
Chani as Prince Ui Seong
Ok Ja Yeon as Royal Consort Hwang

Supporting Cast

Kim Ga Eun as Tae So Yong
Yoo Sun Ho as Prince Kye Seong

Yoon Sang Hyeon as Prince Mu Ahn
Kim Min Ki as Prince Bo Geom
Jang Hyun Sung as Yoo Soo Gwang
Woo Jeong Won as Lady Go
Han Dong Hee as Crown Princess Min
Lee So Hee as Court Lady Park
Moon Sung Hyun as Prince Shim So
Nam Woo Hyun as Prince Young Min
Park Joon Myun as Court Lady Shin
Seo Woo Jin as Prince Won Son
Shin Ian as Prince Young Min
Park Ha Jun as Prince Il Yeong
Lee Jung Eun as Court Lady Nam
Bae In Hyuk as Crown Prince
Jeon Hye Won as Cho Wol
Jung Ae Yun as Haeng Soo
Song Young Ah as Sook Yong
Yoo Yeon as Court Lady Oh
Jo Deok Hee as Support Role
Won Chun Gyu as Support Role
Lee Hwa Kyum as Ok Sook Won
Seo Yi Sook as Support Role
Rain as Guest Role

Episodes Release Schedule

Sl.NoEpisodesRelease Date
1.Episode 1Oct 15, 2022
2.Episode 2Oct 16, 2022
3.Episode 3Oct 22, 2022
4.Episode 4Oct 23, 2022
5.Episode 5Oct 29, 2022
6.Episode 6Oct 30, 2022
7.Episode 7Nov 05, 2022
8.Episode 8Nov 06, 2022
9.Episode 9Nov 12, 2022
10.Episode 10Nov 13, 2022
11.Episode 11Nov 19, 2022
12.Episode 12Nov 20, 2022
13.Episode 13Nov 26, 2022
14.Episode 14Nov 27, 2022
15.Episode 15Dec 03, 2022
16.Episode 16Dec 04, 2022

Where to Watch this Drama Kdrama

This Korean drama is going released on Netflix, tvN OTT Platform Netflix, tvN and if you want to download it or want to watch it online for free then you can search on Google there are many websites available on which you can watch it freely after that its release.

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