‘Trend’ Go Min-si’s new year… “Now I want to show my bare face” [★FULL Interview]

Go Min-si, a self-proclaimed ‘popular actor’, shook up 2023 with a new face. He was confident that he still had a lot more to show.

Recently, I met with Go Min-si, an actor from Season 2 of the Netflix series ‘Sweet Home’, at a cafe in Sogyeok-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, and talked about various things.

‘Sweet Home’ Season 2 is a world where desire becomes a monster, Cha Hyun-soo (Song Kang) and Green Home’s survivors leave Green Home and fight each other to survive in a new home, and the appearance and knowledge of another being. It is a Netflix series that depicts new desires, events, and struggles, including countless mysterious phenomena.

'Trend' Go Min-si's new year... "Now I want to show my bare face" [★FULL Interview]

Lee Eun-yu, played by Go Min-si, grows from an immature and prickly high school girl to an earnest female warrior. He acts with a determination to find his brother Eunhyuk, with whom he was separated when he left Green Home. Lee Eun-yu heads out into the streets filled with monsters with her hair cut short, military boots instead of toe shoes, and a knife instead of a cigarette.

On this day, Go Min-si said, “‘Sweet Home’ Season 2 was surprising with its expanded worldview, and when looking at the overall story, I thought it was an extension because it was a work with Season 3 in mind. Season 3 will be played in the same way as Season 1.” said. Regarding some of the harsh criticism towards Season 2 of ‘Sweet Home’, he said, “You may have thought that it was different from Season 1, but I don’t think I can satisfy everyone. No matter what work I do, I try to understand both the positive and negative reviews. “I am humbly accepting it,” he said.

Next, regarding Eunhyuk’s search for Eunhyuk in Season 2 of ‘Sweet Home,’ Eunhyuk said, “Eunhyuk has been poor at expressing himself since Season 1, and the presence of Eunhyuk (Lee Do-Hyun), who always protected him from behind, disappeared in an instant, so Eunhyuk is the only one looking for Eunhyuk. “I thought it was the reason I was able to endure and grow further,” he said.

He continued, “In season 1, words were spoken earlier, but in season 2, it is shown through actions. As I lost someone precious to me in the process of finding Eunhyuk, I no longer want to lose precious things, and there is a part of me that learns from sacrifice. I saw Eunhyuk’s last appearance. “I guess I have no choice but to search for it because I haven’t been able to confirm it. I think that’s also one of the traits of a metaphor that is persistent and decisive,” he explained.

Go Min-si, who had a lot of conversations with director Lee Eung-bok to understand the behavior of this metaphor, said, “The director wanted to show a different metaphor from Season 1. Because it is a character who does not know where he will fall, Chief Ji (played by Kim Shin-rok), a powerful figure in the stadium, said, )’s hatred, and she shows her will to go out and find her brother until the end. Some may think it’s a nuisance, but I thought that was a key point in creating the character of Eyu.”

'Trend' Go Min-si's new year... "Now I want to show my bare face" [★FULL Interview]

Regarding the ending scene of Season 2, in which Lee Do-hyun appears, Ko Min-si said, “As many people expect, Metaphor and Eun-hyuk are bound to meet in Season 3. But I don’t know if it will be a happy ending. While watching Season 3, I thought, ‘What is true human happiness? He gave a hint, saying, “You might be able to think about it,” and added, “While filming Season 3, I talked with actor Lee Do-hyun about the overall flow, and I said thank you. Thanks to that, the metaphor and Eun-hyuk’s narrative were well built up, so I was able to act. “It helped me a lot,” he said, expressing his gratitude.

Go Min-si, who takes off her toe shoes, wears military boots, and always carries a weapon in her hand, said, “Actually, I was disappointed that my lines had to be reduced because I used my body a lot. However, I was grateful that I was able to portray a different side of Eun-yu from Season 1, and it was a new challenge. “I have been attending action school and training for 3-4 months now. From knives to guns, there is no weapon I have not used. But I thought the dagger was a weapon that was easy to use and could be wielded at a moment’s notice, so I knotted it separately and always had it in my hand. “It was made so that you can hold it,” he explained.

He continued, “It feels like going back to the beginning with each work, but when filming ‘Sweet Home’ Season 2 and Season 3, I thought about it the most while looking at the script. In the beginning, I needed time to develop the tone of the dialogue, the expression of the metaphor, and the way I walked. In a way, each work feels like going back to the beginning and taking another step forward, but the work period for ‘Sweet Home’ was longer.”

He said, “I’m the type of person who always looks at the monitor while filming, thinks about the front and back scenes, and calculates them before making them, but this time, I think I threw myself into the scene as is. I thought that doing this kind of work could also be helpful to me. “But from now on, I plan to work in my original style,” he added.

‘Sweet Home’ brought Go Min-si a lot of learning. He said, “While filming the action scene, I thought, ‘I’m still not good enough and I still have a long way to go.’ I had a fear of throwing myself away, but this was the filming site where I was able to overcome that. I didn’t have any fear of throwing myself away in the next scene. “I couldn’t feel it,” he said, expressing his affection, saying, “It was difficult to control the tone of the dialogue, but I learned a lot while filming ‘Sweet Home.’ When I think back, it is a work that left me with a lot of things.”

Go Min-si, who wore blood makeup with short hair in ‘Sweet Home’, also showed off her unconventional makeup in ‘Smuggling’ (directed by Ryu Seung-wan), which was released in July. He said, “When I put on makeup, I get more energy on set. I have a strong feeling that I’m getting closer to the character while acting. It helps me to some extent. Lately, I’ve been focusing on characters with bloody makeup, but now I choose characters that can appear bare-faced.” “I plan to watch it,” he said about his next work, “I think it will be an everyday drama or a romantic drama. I like to look attractive as a character, so I want to try to express a pathetic, pitiful appearance.”

Go Min-si, who had a busy year this summer from the movie ‘Smuggling’ to Season 2 of ‘Sweet Home’, said, “It was the busiest year I’ve ever been active in. What I’m so grateful for is that I was loved for ‘Smuggling’ in the summer, and ‘Sweet Home’ in the winter. ‘It’s an honorable year for me in many ways as I can greet you once again with Season 2. Good things have happened, and I’m personally looking forward to it because I think I’ll be able to show you a new side of myself next year, and I plan to greet you with good works.” He asked for expectations.

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