Top 10 Most Cute Korean Drama Actresses

Here is a list of top 10 most cute Korean drama actresses. They have wonderful screen presence, can sing and dance, are TV and stage shpw hosts or have successful modeling careers! Their brilliant talent, beauty, personality and charm are hard not to notice. I offer some K-drama recommendations as well. if you ask me how you can decide this all information after watching all things and and follow user behavior.

Top 10 Cute Korean Actresses

  1. IU
  2. Bae Suzy
  3. Song Hye Kyo
  4. Han Hyo Joo
  5. Kim So Hyun
  6. Jun Ji Hyun
  7. Park Shin Hye
  8. Lee Sung Kyung
  9. Park Bo Young
  10. Kim Yoo Jung

10. Kim Yoo Jung

One of the best-known and most successful child actresses in South Korea, Kim Yoo Jung has won a great number of Best Young Actress awards. Soon, “Korea’s Little Sister” transitioned into teen roles and became known for her performances in Dong Yi, May Queen, Moon Embracing the Sun, and Angry Mom. when she played the child actress role I relly felt like I fell for her but when I saw her in the next drama backstreet rookie I really loved her.

Moonlight Drawn By Clouds (Love in the Moonlight)

This is Kim Yoo’s first main lead drama she acts like a professional actress. The actress stars as a girl who is disguised as a man and lives at the palace as a eunuch. Watch this sweet love story of the girl in disguise and the crown prince if you haven’t yet.

Clean With Passion for Now

In this drama, the main male lead in clod acting but our female character always likes him, Kim Yoo continues to make her transition into adult roles and stars as a leading heroine again. This time it’s a young and fresh romantic K-drama! The actress plays a grubby girl looking for a full-time job who ends up falling in love with her polar opposite.

9. Park Bo Young

Everyone knows Park Bo Young for her leading roles in hit films like Scandal Makers, A Werewolf Boy, On Your Wedding Day, Oh My Ghost, and Strong Woman Bong Soon.

As a drama fan I saw her first Strong Woman Bong Soon first I laughed because of how she is this powerful and why a rich boy fell for her then I watched Doom at Your Service and I realized she is at the next level.

Making her acting debut at 16, this incredibly talented and beautiful woman became one of the most beloved and most popular actresses in drama land. She hasn’t had free time since her debut and for a good reason. She’s got an incredible range of dramas. We have so many options to choose from, so it gets even harder to pick and highlight some of her works.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Park Bo plays a funny and charming lead named Do Bong Soon, an unbelievably strong woman with superpowers! One day, a man finds out about her super strength and becomes intrigued by her. The actress’ chemistry with her fellow lead actor is awesome.

A Werewolf Boy

Park Bo Young plays a girl who falls for a boy with a beast inside of him! It won’t be easy for her to get along with the beast side of her loved one. It can hardly be tamed.

8. Lee Sung Kyung

Lee Sung literally became an overnight celebrity after her acting debut in Okay, That’s Love. She was a successful model at that time with no plans for appearing on TV. However, the director of the series was desperately in need of new, fresh faces, and that’s where he stumbled upon her Instagram page!

After her role as a rebellious high school student in the drama, Lee had many other roles flood in. She landed her next role as a mentally unstable student in Cheese in the Trap and Doctor Crush. Soon after this, she took her first leading role in the coming-of-age TV drama Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo!

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7. Park Shin Hye

Park Shin was noticed when she appeared in singer Lee Seung Hwan’s music video. She then received formal training in singing, acting, and dancing. The actress debuted in the K-drama Stairway to Heaven, and it didn’t take long for her to gain fame. She successfully portrayed the younger version of the lead heroine.

You’re Beautiful brought another hit title for this young talent. The drama was a hit on the internet. We also know Park Shin Hye for her amazing performances in such popular K-dramas as Pinocchio, Flower Boys Next Door, Heirs, and Heartstrings.

6. Jun Ji Hyun

For those of you who remember Jun Ji for her role in My Love from the Stars, the fact that she had a much bigger role some time ago might be surprising. My Sassy Girl is one of the most popular K-dramas of all time. The romantic comedy won her the Best Actress Award, and it became a real breakthrough for her career.

The success of the series and films she has starred in internationally established her as a top Hallyu star. You can see her in the fantasy-romantic comedy Windstruck, the blockbuster drama Legend of the Blue Sea, and in other notable films like The Thieves, The Berlin File, Assassination, and Il Mare.

As one of the highest-paid Korean actresses, Jun Ji is also considered the be one of the most in-demand advertisement spokespersons in the country. She has advertised for a wide range of popular brands like Samsung, Lotte Duty-Free, and many Chinese brands.

5. Kim So Hyun

Kim So started her acting career at the age of seven. She was labeled as the “Nation’s Little Sister.” Her early roles were in Moon Embracing the Sun and Missing You, but Who Are You: School 2015 was her first film where she got the leading role.

Since then she has starred in a wide range of K-dramas: Hey Ghost, Let’s Fight for the fans of the horror genre, The Emperor: Owner of the Mask for historical melodrama lovers, and Radio Romance for those who want to run away from the real world and dive into a romantic comedy.

4. Han Hyo Joo

Han Hyo Ju got her first leading role in the K-drama Spring Waltz. However, it was Brilliant Legacy that brought her breakout role. The series showed her brilliant acting, and she got signed by a popular filmmaker soon after. She was cast in the film Ad Lib Night, which brought her many honors.

This success brought many more opportunities for the talented actress! It gained her roles in other big TV dramas— Ilijimae, Shining Inheritance, and Dong Yi! Every K-drama lover knows these gems; they became hits, so Han became even more famous!

You will also enjoy watching her acting in the period K-drama Masquerade, where she played a queen. It turned out to be the highest-grossing film in Korea at the time. Check out her other works, such as Miracle: Devil Claus’ Love and Magic, Cold Eyes, The Beauty Inside, Golden Slumber, and W: Two Worlds!

3. Song Hye Kyo

Though Song Hye first debuted as a model, she decided to go into acting and gained international stardom as a top Hallyu star. The actress made her debut starring in KBS2’s Autumn in My Heart and All In. Both dramas gained fame abroad in Taiwan, Japan, and Europe. The song is also well-known for her leading roles in the television dramas Full House, That Winter, the Wind Blows, Descendants of the Sun, and Encounter.

Descendants of the Sun

Descendants of the Sun was a mega-hit during its broadcast on TV. In this popular love story, Song Hye plays the lead. The story revolves around a medical team that saves lives and a Special Forces unit that deals with various secret missions. The series is set in Uruk, a fictitious country that is in a state of war.


Song Hye Kyo stars here as the daughter of a powerful politician. The girl is tired of living a life controlled by others, where she doesn’t have the right to make her own choices. After divorcing her husband from an arranged marriage, she travels overseas. The trip changes her life as she meets a simple, kind, and free-spirited guy on the way. They are instantly drawn to each other, even though they are complete opposites.

4. Bae Suzy

Suzy (Bae Su Ji) is one of the most in-demand actresses in Korea. However, not everyone knows that she started as an online shopping model! She was one of the contestants in the reality show Superstar K, where she was noticed by a talent scout. It didn’t take her long to transfer from a modeling career and become a music trainee.

Soon, she debuted with Miss A, and she became a host in some music shows. Only after all these successes did this young talent go into acting. It was Dream High that made her recognizable to millions of K-drama lovers. Here are some of her career-defining performances:

Gu Family Book

You can’t miss this one, especially if you call yourself a fan of the historical fantasy drama genre. Suzy plays a tomboy here who is skilled in archery and martial arts. She crosses paths with an unusual guy. He turns out to be a mythological nine-tailed fox, but he is half-human at the same time.

3. IU

Lee Ji Eun, best known by her stage name IU (which stands for “I and You”—to become one with music) is not only one of the best-selling K-Pop solo artists (in an entertainment industry dominated mostly by K-Pop groups), she is a radio and television host and the most influential celebrity in the country.

She has also ventured into acting. You can see the actress not only in commercials selling smartphones but also in highly popular K-dramas. She acted in You’re the Best, Pretty Man, The Producers, Lee Soon Shin, Moon Lovers, and My Mister.

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

IU plays a 21st-century woman who travels back in time due to a strange sequence of events during a total sun eclipse. She gets trapped in the Goryeo era and lives in the body of another woman. A member of the royal family, many palace intrigues are ahead of her. As some time goes by, she falls for the violent fourth Prince who is known for being an outcast. This historical drama is a real rollercoaster of emotions! Don’t miss this gem with IU as the leading heroine.

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