Sukisuki Wanwan (2023) Japanese drama

Sukisuki Wanwan (2023) is a Japanese drama going to release on January 23, 2023. and here we will share with you information about This Japanese drama synopsis and trailer review.

Synopsis of Sukisuki Wanwan (2023)

This Japanese drama story is based on Life, Drama, and Drama Kotaro Yukii (Yuta Kishi) a 26-year-old man. When he was a child, he played baseball with fierce determination. Since then, he hasn’t given his best to anything else. After he quit his job, he just spends his days meaninglessly. He lives in a house that his parents left behind. One day, a mysterious man appears in front of Kotaro Yukii. The man introduces himself as Kotaro Yukii’s former pet dog Ten. When Kotaro Yukii was a child, he did have a pet dog named Ten. The mysterious man proceeds to freak out Kotaro Yukii. He knows things only that his pet dog Ten would know. 

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    • Drama: Sukisuki Wanwan!
    • Other Names: Sukisuki Wanwan!
    • Japanese: すきすきワンワン!
    • Director: Satoru Nakajima, Syunpei Maruya
    • Writer: Fumie Mizuhashi
    • Network: NTV
    • Episodes: 10
    • Release Date: January 23, 2023
    • Runtime: Mondays 24:59-25:29
    • Duration: 30 min.
    • Genres: Life, Drama
    • Language: Japanese
    • Country: Japan

    Cast Of Sukisuki Wanwan (2023) Jdrama

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    Main Cast

    • Kishi Yuta as Yuki Kotaro

    Supporting Cast

    • Ukisho Hidaka as Kinomiya Ten
    • Sakurada Hiyori as Morikawa Mio
    • Oda Oideyasu as Kakita

    Episodes Release Schedule | Release date

    Sukisuki Wanwan (2023) Japanese drama release date is January 23, 2023.

    Where to Watch this Drama

    This Japanese drama will be released on the NTV Platform and if you want to download it or want to watch it online for free then you can search on Google there are many websites available on which you can watch it freely after that its release.

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