Revenge of Others (2022) Kdrama

Revenge of Others (2022) is a South Korean television series starring Shin Ye Eun, Lomon, and Seo Ji Hoon. It is scheduled to premiere on Disney + in November 2022 and will air every Monday to Friday at 19:50 (which stands for Korean Standard Time).

Profile of Revenge of Others (2022)

  • Drama: Revenge of Others (2022)
  • Also Known As: 3inching Bogsu, Third Person Revenge, 3인칭 복수, Revenge of Others 2022
  • Director: Kim Yoo Jin
  • Main Stars: Shin Ye Eun, Lomon, Seo Ji Hoon
  • Genres: Thriller, Drama
  • Original Network: Disney +
  • Country: South Korea
  • Language: Korean
  • Release Date: November 2022
  • Season: 1
  • Episode: 12


Revenge of Others (2022) Korean drama story based on a Thriller story. Follows the story of Ok Chan Mi as she seeks revenge for the death of her twin brother.

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Shin Ye Eun as Ok Chan Mi

Lomon as Ji Soo Heon

Seo Ji Hoon as Seok Jae Beom

Chae Sang Woo as Ki Oh Sung

Lee Soo Min as Gook Ji Hyun

Jung Soo Bin as Tae So Yeon

Kim Joo Ryoung as Jin So Jeong

Yeon Oh as Im Seung Woo

Wooyeon as Hong Ah Jung

Jin Ho Eun as Support Role

Han Seung Bin as Support Role

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Where to Watch this Drama Kdrama

This Korean drama is going released on the Disney + Platform Disney + and if you want to download it or want to watch it online for free then you can search on Google there are many websites available on which you can watch it freely after that its release.

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