Phantom 2023 (Korean Movie)

Phantom 2023 is a South Korean movie series starring Ji Il and Park Ji It is scheduled to premiere on January 18, 2023 (which stands for Korean Standard Time).

Synopsis of Phantom 2023 Korean movie

This Korean movie story is based on Action, Thriller, Historical, and Crime, Based on, In 1933 when Korea was under Japanese occupation, 5 people in Gyeongseong are suspected as “Phantom” spies of the anti-Japanese organization. The five suspects are Junji Murayama (Sol Kyung-Gu), Park Cha-Kyung (Lee Ha-Nee), Yuriko (Park So-Dam), Baek-Ho (Kim Dong-Hee), and Section Chief Cheon (Seo Hyun-Woo). The Japanese security forces, led by Kaito (Park Hae-Soo), work to find the Phantom spies. The 5 suspects are then entrapped in a sting operation and are locked up in a remote hotel. Each of the 5 suspects tries to prove that they are not a Phantom spy. They struggle to escape from their imprisonment.

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    • Movie: Phantom (literal title)
    • Other Names: Yooryeong, Ghost, Yuryeong
    • Hangul (Korean name): 유령
    • Director: Lee Hae-Young
    • Writer: Lee Hae-Young
    • Producer:
    • Cinematographer:
    • Release Date: January 18, 2023
    • Runtime:
    • Genre: Action
    • Distributor: CJ Entertainment
    • Duration: 2 hr. 12 min.
    • Genres: Action, Thriller, Historical, Crime
    • Language: Korean
    • Country: South Korea

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    Main Cast

    • Sol Kyung-Gu as Junji Murayama
    • Lee Ha-Nee as Park Cha-Kyung
    • Park So-Dam as Yuriko
    • Park Hae-Soo as Kaito

    Supporting Cast

    • Jo Kyoung as Hoon
    • Choi Seong as Min
    • Tak Teu as In

    Episodes Release Schedule | Release date

    Phantom 2023 Korean movie release date is January 18, 2023.

    Where to Watch this movie

    This Korean movie is going to be released on the Platform and if you want to download it or want to watch it online for free then you can search on Google there are many websites available on which you can watch it freely after that its release.

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