Pandora: Beneath the Paradise (2023) Korean drama

Pandora: Beneath the Paradise (2023) is a Korean drama going to release on Mar 11, 2023 – Apr 30, 2023. and here we will share with you information about This Korean drama synopsis and trailer review. and review episode by episode.

Synopsis of Pandora: Beneath the Paradise (2023) esub

This Korean drama story is based on Action, Thriller, Drama, and Melodrama, It tells the story of In order to protect her beloved family, Hong Tae-Ra (Lee Ji-Ah) must become the First Lady of Korea.Hong Tae-Ra has a perfect life with her beloved husband Pyo Jae-Hyun (Lee Sang-Yoon) and their lovely daughter, except for one thing.

Hong Tae-Ra has no recollection of her past. One day, she regains her memory and faces her harrowing past. Her perfect life is now broken and she finds herself in an uncontrollable situation. Hong Tae-Ra struggles to take revenge on those responsible for her past.

Pyo Jae-Hyun is married to Hong Tae-Ra. He is an extremely smart developer, who developed new technology in the neural smart patch field. He runs his company with gentle leadership skills and a sensible personality. He is admired by those around him. People in the political world begin to talk about him as the next presidential candidate.

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Trailers and teaser Review

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  • Drama: Pandora: Beneath the Paradise
  • Othere Names : Pandora: Jojakdwen Nakwon, Pandora: A Fabricated Paradise , First Lady , Lady , Pandora: Jojakdoen Nakwon , Reidi , Peoseuteureidi , 레이디 , 퍼스트레이디
  • Hangul(korean name): 판도라: 조작된 낙원
  • Director: Choi Hyeong-Hun
  • Writer: Hyun Ji-Min
  • Network: tvN, TVING
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: Mar 11, 2023 – Apr 30, 2023
  • Genres: Action, Thriller, Drama, Melodrama
  • Runtime: Sat. & Sun. 21:10
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea

Cast Of Pandora: Beneath the Paradise (2023) kdrama

This is confirmed information about this Korean drama cast information and thanks for contributing to other supporting roles.

Main Cast

  • Lee Ji Ah as Hong Tae Ra Main Role
  • Lee Sang Yoon as Pyo Jae Hyun Main Role
  • Jang Hee Jin as Ko Hae Soo Main Role
  • Park Ki Woong as Jang Do Jin Main Role
  • Bong Tae Kyu as Koo Sung Chan Main Role

Supporting Cast

  • Han Soo Yeon as Hong Yoo Ra Support Role
  • Kim Shi Woo as Pyo Ji Woo Support Role
  • Cha Kwang Soo as Ko Tae Seon Support Role
  • Kim Ra On as Jang Leo Support Role
  • Shim So Young as Kim Seon Deok Support Role
  • Gong Jung Hwan as Cho Kyu Tae Support Role
  • Ahn Nae Sang as Jang Geum Mo Support Role
  • Kyeon Mi Ri as Min Yeong Hee Support Role
  • Hong Woo Jin as Jang Gyo Jin support Role
  • Song A Kyung as Eun Yeong Sil Support Role
  • Sung Chang Hoon as Uhm Sang Bae Support Role
  • Jung Jae Sung Han Kyung RokSupport Role
  • Kwon Hyun Bin as Cha Pil Seung Support Role
  • Heo Jae Hoas Oh Yeong Gook Support Role
  • Han Gan Ho as Chairman Jung Support Role
  • Jang Won Young as Bong Woo Ri Support Role
  • Ahn Tae Hwan as Park Jun Ho Support Role
  • Go Han Min as PD Song Support Role

Episodes Release Schedule | Release date

Pandora: Beneath the Paradise (2023) Korean drama release date is Mar 11, 2023 – Apr 30, 2023.

Where to Watch this Drama

This Korean drama will be released on the tvN, TVING Platform and if you want to download it or want to watch it online for free then you can search on Google there are many websites available on which you can watch it freely after that its release.

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