Our Little Love Story (2023) Japanese drama

Our Little Love Story (2023) is a Japanese drama going to release on January 19, 2023. and here we will share with you information about This Japanese drama synopsis and trailer review.

Synopsis Our Little Love Story (2023)

This Japanese drama story is based on Romance, Life, Drama, and Drama Takuro Tsutsumi (Hidekazu Mashima) is single and works as an editorial designer. Being in his 40s, he has conflicts in his personal life and at work. One day, he gets a friend request on social media. The person who made the request is Anna Tanimura.

They were in a romantic relationship when they were university students. He wonders why she is reaching out to meet him and feels excited about meeting her again. When they meet, the person that appears in front of him is not Anna Tanimura, but her 17-year-old daughter Kurumi Tanimura (Seina Nakata). She tells him about her mother’s death. By meeting Kurumi Tanimura, Takuro Tsutsumi begins to think about the promise he didn’t accomplish in his past.

Meanwhile, Eri Morita (Akiko Yada) is a single woman in her 40’s and works for a large electronics manufacturer. She has been friends with Takuro Tsutsumi for a long time and they graduated from the same high school. Eri Morita has held feelings for Takuro Tsutsumi for more than 20 years, but she hasn’t revealed her feelings due to not wanting to ruin their friendship. But, the appearance of Kurumi Tanimura makes Eri Morita face her feelings about Takuro Tsutsumi.

    Trailers and teaser Review

    the official trailer

    after watching the teaser I understand this is an upcoming historical mystery funny and romantic Korean this story mainly revolves around those crown princes so let’s wait for the final trailer.


    Information about this drama profile like drama different names, genres, Release dates, how many episodes they have, director names, and writers’ names you will get shortly.

    • Drama: Our Little Love Story
    • Romaji: Shoumonai Bokura no Renairon, Our Little Love Story 
    • Japanese: しょうもない僕らの恋愛論
    • Director: Keisuke Kondo, Hana Matsumoto, Ryuichi Honda
    • Writer: Hidenori Hara (manga), Nanoha Ito, Yuko Imanishi
    • Network: NTV, YTV
    • Episodes: 10
    • Release Date: January 19, 2023
    • Genres: Romance, Life, Drama
    • Runtime: Thursdays 23:59
    • Duration: 30 min.
    • Language: Japanese
    • Country: Japan

    Cast Of Our Little Love Story (2023) Jdrama

    This is confirmed information about this Japanese drama cast information and thanks for contributing to other supporting roles.

    Main Cast

    • Mashima Hidekazu as Tsutsumi Takuro

    Supporting Cast

    • Yada Akiko as Morita Eri
    • Nakata Seina as Tanimura Kurumi
    • Kimata Syoya as Ogura Yu
    • Tezuka Satomi as Tanimura Momoko
    • Sugimoto Tetta as Jiro
    • Shimada Kyusaku as [Master]
    • Hashimoto Jun as Tanimura Kenji
    • Furutachi Yutaro 
    • Uchida Chika 
    • Kuroda Daisuke 
    • Yoshii Masao
    • Mizuma Ron 
    • Kanai Hiroto 
    • Honda Chikara 
    • Mizusawa Rintaro 

    Episodes Release Schedule | Release date

    Our Little Love Story (2023) Japanese drama release date is January 19, 2023.

    Where to Watch this Drama

    This Japanese drama will be released on the NTV, YTV Platform and if you want to download it or want to watch it online for free then you can search on Google there are many websites available on which you can watch it freely after that its release.

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