High School Return of a Gangster (2024)

Inspired by Horol’s web novel “Jokokin Naega Godeunghaksaengyi Dweeotseummida,” which was released by Ridi Books between November 7, 2021, and April 15, 2022.

  • Drama: High School Return of a Gangster (English title) / I, A Gangster, Became A High School Student (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Jokokin Naega Godeunghaksaengyi Dweeotseummida
  • Hangul: 조폭인 내가 고등학생이 되었습니다
  • Director: Lee Sung-Taek
  • Writer: Horol (web novel), Jung Da-Hee
  • Network: Wavve, TVING
  • Episodes:
  • Release Date: May 29, 2024 —
  • Runtime:
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea
  • Also Known As: I, a Gangster, Became a High Schooler , I, a Gangster, Became a Highschool Student , Jopokin Naega Godeunghaksaengi Doeeossseubnida , 조폭인내가고등학생이되었습니다

Synopsis Of this drama

Kim Deuk Pal, a 47-year-old criminal, holds the second rank in his group. Because of his impoverished parents, he lacks formal education, but he still hopes to enter a university. Although it’s difficult, Deuk Pal has been studying to fulfil his desire. He witnesses Song Yi Heon, a young guy, on the verge of suicide one day. At that point, the suicidal 19-year-old high school student’s body is taken over by the spirit of Deuk Pal. Yi Heon has been the subject of bullying, which Deuk Pal quickly finds out, and this has made him desire to commit suicide.

High School Return of a Gangster (2024)

Deuk Pal now confronts the bullies in Yi Heon’s body to exact revenge and befriends Choi Se Kyung, a classmate. Se Kyung is a great student who seems to be in an ideal situation, yet his father abuses him at home.

Cast Of this drama

Check here all cast of this drama main character and side charecter all contribute same effort in this drama so lets watch and enjoy.

  • Yoon Chan-Young – Song Yi-Heon
  • Bong Jae-Hyun – Choi Se-Kyung
  • Lee Seo-Jin – Kim Deuk-Pal
  • Won Tae-Min – Kim Dong-Soo
  • Ko Dong-Ok – Jong-Chul
  • Joo Yoon-Chan – Hong Jae-Min
  • Seo Tae-Hwa – Choi Myeong-Hyun
  • Kim Se-Won – Kim Yeon-Ji
  • Lee Kyoung-Young – boss of Chilsung Gang
  • Shin Min-Jae – mathematics lecturer

Trailer of this drama

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