Check out the official trailer and posters for the Netflix drama series “Mask Girl”.

Netflix has released a new drama series called “Mask Girl” starring Ko Hyun-Jung and Nana. The series has a main trailer and three posters featuring Ko Hyun-Jung, Nana, and a mystery actress playing the character of Kim Mo-Mi. The posters are captioned with “3 names. 3 lives.

The show “Mask Girl” is set to become available on Netflix starting August 18, 2023.

Kim Mo-Mi (played by Ko Hyun-Jung) is a regular office worker who had a childhood dream of performing on stage. As time goes by, she feels that she is becoming less attractive, but she takes pride in her fit and toned physique. In her free time, she wears a mask and streams live videos of herself as Mask Girl. However, her life takes an unexpected turn when she becomes embroiled in a mysterious case. filed in a mysterious case.

Joo Oh-Nam, portrayed by Ahn Jae-Hong, works with Kim Mo-Mi and struggles with low self-confidence due to his belief that he is unattractive. He is a die-hard fan of Mask Girl and is taken aback when he learns that Mo-Mi is the secret heroine. Oh-Nam starts to have romantic feelings for Mo-Mi and becomes involved in an unexpected circumstance with her.

Kim Kyung-Ja, played by Yum Hye-Ran, is a devoted mother to her son Joo Oh-Nam, whom she raised single-handedly after her divorce. Her son is the most valuable thing in her life, but one day he disappears. Fearing the worst, Kim Kyung-Ja sets out on a quest to find her son and bring him back home safely.

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