A Side of a Relationship (2023) Korean movie

A Side of a Relationship (2023) is a South Korean movie series starring Ryu Joon Yeol and Yoon Young Kyun It is scheduled to premiere on January , 2023 (which stands for Korean Standard Time).

Synopsis of A Side of a Relationship (2023) Korean movie

This Korean movie story is Drama, Based on, romance, drama, jealousy this movie revolve around 4 stories lets watch this movie and enjoy together.

Story 1: “Fall Out” (간극) Kyung Ram and Jin Hoon are new independent film directors and actors. Min Seo appears for an interview in front of the two men who look close but feel strange jealousy toward each other. Kyung Ram and Jin Hoon begin to compete for Min Seo, who is clumsy but attractive.

Story 2: “Urgent People” (급한사람들) Jung Joong Seok is a convenience store manager who is bored with his usual day. A robber barges into his convenience store. Suddenly, it is finally time to use the security system promoted by the headquarters. The security guard says he will arrive in 10 minutes, and Joong Seok has to hold out for 10 minutes. Will he be okay?

Story 3: “Nowhere” (노웨어) Jin Cheol is a guitarist who can’t speak and So Eun is a singer who can’t see. For some reason, the two wander aimlessly and are chased by men in black suits.

Story 4: “Touched” (터치드) Homicide detective Hyun Seok has a special ability to read memories of objects when he touches them. He is called to a murder case and without fail, he finds out that the victim of this case is Shi Yeon whom he used to know. Afterward, Hyun Seok begins to read her memories for the investigation.

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    • Movie: A Side of a Relationship (2023)
    • Other Names: Fall Out, Urgent People, Nowhere , Touched, Gwangyeeui Ilbyeon, Gangeuk , Geuphansaramdeul, Noweeo , Teochideu, 간극 , 급한사람들, 노웨어 , 터치드
    • Hangul (Korean name): 강남좀비
    • Director:
    • Writer:
    • Producer:
    • Cinematographer:
    • Release Date: January , 2023
    • Runtime: 1 hr. 35 min.
    • Language: Korean
    • Country: South Korea

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    Main Cast

    • Ryu Joon Yeol as {Urgent People} Jae Hyun | {Nowhere} [Couple man]

    Supporting Cast

    • Yoon Young Kyun as {Urgent People} Min Wook

    Episodes Release Schedule | Release date

    A Side of a Relationship (2023) Korean movie release date is January 2023.

    Where to Watch this movie

    This Korean movie is going to be released on the Platform and if you want to download it or want to watch it online for free then you can search on Google there are many websites available on which you can watch it freely after that its release.

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