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3000 Yen: How to Enrich Life (2023) is a Japanese drama going to release on January 7, 2023 – Feb 25, 2023. and here we will share with you information about This Japanese drama synopsis and trailer review.

Synopsis of 3000 Yen: How to Enrich Life (2023)

This Japanese drama story is based on Life, Drama, and When Miho Mikuriya (Wakana Aoi) was little, her grandmother Kotoko Mikuriya (Mie Nakao) kept telling her that “When it comes to people, life is determined by how they use 3,000 yen.” She is now a 24-year-old single woman and lives by herself.

She works for an IT company and receives a high wage relative to her age. She is in a relationship and her life seems to be going very well. But, something happens around Miho Mikuriya that causes her to review her life and think about saving for her future.

Meanwhile, Miho Mikuriya’s older sister Maho Ido (Hirona Yamazaki), and her mother Tomoko Mikuriya (Yumi Morio) have their own situations that cause them to think deeply about their lives.

    Trailers and teaser Review

    the official trailer

    after watching the teaser I understand this is an upcoming historical mystery funny and romantic Korean this story mainly revolves around those crown princes so let’s wait for the final trailer.


    Information about this drama profile like drama different names, genres, Release dates, how many episodes they have, director names, and writers’ names you will get shortly.

    • Drama: 3000 Yen: How to Enrich Life (English title) / How to Spend Money Happily (literal title)
    • Romaji: Sanzen Yen no Tsukai Kata, Sanzenen no Tsukaikata, 3000yen -How to Enrich Life- , How to Use 3,000 Yen , 3000-yen no Tsukai kata
    • Japanese: 三千円の使いかた
    • Director: Makito Murakami, Takehito Muroi, Toshiyuki Kakihara, Hideki Shimomukai
    • Writer: Hika Harada (novel), Ureha Shimada, Yuna Suzuki, Erika Aoki
    • Network: Fuji TV,  Tokai TV
    • Episodes: 8
    • Release Date: January 7, 2023 – Feb 25, 2023
    • Duration: 55 min.
    • Runtime: Saturdays 23:40
    • Genres: Life, Drama
    • Language: Japanese
    • Country: Japan

    Cast Of 3000 Yen: How to Enrich Life (2023) Jdrama

    This is confirmed information about this Japanese drama cast information and thanks for contributing to other supporting roles.

    Main Cast

    • Aoi Wakana as Mikuriya Miho Main Role

    Supporting Cast

    • Nakao Mie as Mikuriya Kotoko Support Role
    • Yamazaki Hirona as Mikuriya Maho Support Role
    • Morio Yumi as Mikuriya Tomoko Support Role
    • Hashimoto Atsushi as Komori Yasuo Support Role
    • Horii Arata as Ido Taiyo Support Role
    • Riju Go as Mikuriya Kazuhiko Support Role
    • Ahn Mika as Kurofune Suuko Support Role
    • Sakai Wakana as Oda Machie Support Role
    • Hayama Shono as Numata Shohei Support Role

    Episodes Release Schedule | Release date

    3000 Yen: How to Enrich Life (2023) Japanese drama release date is January 7, 2023 – Feb 25, 2023.

    Where to Watch this Drama

    This Japanese drama will be released on the WOWOW Platform and if you want to download it or want to watch it online for free then you can search on Google there are many websites available on which you can watch it freely after that its release.

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